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If the any of the web site pictures says “404?, “Generating Preview”, or blank, just click on it and the web site will come up.

How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education
Khan Academy
Longevity Test
This is pretty interesting. Watch the age prediction on the top left of the screen changes as you answer the various questions.
It’s amazing!
How long do you think you will live?

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Understanding Einstein
Understanding what the hell Einstein’s theory of relativity is all about to begin with. For a great in-a-nutshell explanation that puts Einstein into historical context while actually making sense, I recommend checking out the short videos at Einstein Light. Produced by the University of New South Wales, this site combines helpful visuals, clear explanations, and lots of links (so you can take it deeper if you want).

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Ten Historic Female Scientists You Should Know
The capitalist network that runs the world

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The Year of Your Birth
The screen is going to fade to black
Type the year only!! Then click the question (?) mark! Sit back and enjoy!!

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How Stuff Works
Hoax Slayer
Newspaper Map
Just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and the newspaper headlines pop up…
Double click and the page gets larger…you can read the entire paper on some if you click on the right place. You can spend forever here.

Also, if you look at the European papers, the far left side of Germany will pop up as The Stars & Stripes (European edition, of course).AND, this site changes everyday with the publication of new editions of the paper.
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The Reason Rally
Foundation For Reason And Science
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Enlighten Next Magazine

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