Videos – Utter Stupidity

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How The Blonde Thing Got Started

5 Idiots

Little Girls' Creepily Impressive 'Single Ladies' Performance
Someone should really shoot these kids parents.

Meanwhile In Russia
I guessing that vodka has a lot to do with a lot of this…at least I hope so.

Terrorized By A Turkey
I’m guessing she watches a lot of FOX “News”

The Official Wal-Martian Song

Best Of The Worst Days Of Your Life

How Far Will A Condom Stretch?

The Best of Jackass with Johnny Knoxville

Pakistani Auto Club

South Park Death Threats

Americans Are NOT Stupid

BlondeStar For Blonde Drivers

Let’s Run With The Bulls In Spain It Will Be Fun!

Why Africa Is Not A Major Military Power

Should Math Be Taught In Schools?
Now I understand why Miss America has lost it’s appeal.
I remember when they were pretty and somewhat smart.
The most frightening thing is – they vote and reproduce

I am going to assume this is for real…………….and if it is…………….it is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen!

Remember that besides being beauty contestants, these people also vote.

10 Ways To Get Fired

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