Not Funny But Cool – Just Plain Cool – Videos #1

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Soldier Homecoming Surprise Mix
All right if this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye there’s a problem

Christopher Hitchens on Hate Speech

2011 Dawkins Award - Christopher Hitchens

Bedbugs At The U.N.

In case you didn’t know Tommy Douglas was one of the fathers of the universal Canadian health care system.
The introduction is boring but the cartoon is hilarious!

High-Tech Car Door

George Harrison On The Dick Cavett Show
A vintage interview with Dick Cavett. Recorded 40 years ago (November 23, 1971), the conversation starts with light chit-chat, then (around the 5:30 mark) gets to some bigger questions — Did Yoko break up the band? Did the other Beatles hold him back musically? Why have drugs been so present in the rock ‘n roll world, and did The Beatles’ flirtation with LSD lead youngsters astray? And is there any relationship between drugs and the Indian music that so fascinated Harrison?

George Harrison – Part 1 of 2

George Harrison – Part 2 of 2

IMAA Air Show 2011
Lots of time and effort were expended on these beautiful models.
The take off is tricky, but the landing can sometimes be the final one:

RC Flying At Its Best

Mechanical Music

Correct Way to Arrest a Terrorist

Amazing Underwater Video
You Really Need To See This Full Screen

Finally My Jetpack

Amazing Projection

Amazing 'Quantum Levitation' Superconductivity Video
Here’s a magical demonstration of superconductivity from Tel-Aviv University. Of course, superconductors are key to the future vision for high-speed maglev trains.

Inside the U.S. Secret Service

Someday In The Future...A day made of glass!

This Too Shall Pass
More people that have way too much time on their hands.

Occupy Wall Street Protester Vs Fox News
Smartypants Occupy Wall Street protester makes Fox News interviewer look stupid, interview doesn’t air

Well If You Think It’s So Easy Let’s See You Try It!

10 Amazing Practical Jokes


Secrets Of The Modern Movie Trade!
How to create old pictures from new or new from old and plant anything you like into them including apparently live people and a lot more. See how it’s done; In short, you can’t believe anything you can see on film or video…
But you knew that already, didn’t you!

No Wires
More cool stuff from Israel
I Can’t Do This, Can You?

Time-Lapse Video From International Space Station
I never thought I’d see lightning from the other side of the clouds.

All Aboard the Shanghai Maglev Train!


Park 4U Demo

Domino Pool

Awesome Ice Skating Warm-Up Routine

Who Says Women Can't Park?

Future Design Laptop ROLLTOP


Israeli Fire Escape

Speed Riding Mont Blanc

Chris Bliss Juggling Masterpiece

Road Bike Party

How the Tesla Model S is Made

Jason McElway, Autistic Basketball Hero

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