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Technology, business, culture and more … from a female perspective
Medium just launched Lady Bits, a new collection hosted by former editor Arikia Millikan. The goal: Provide a space for the kinds of stories and perspectives that get left out of traditional magazines because of advertising profiles that say tech readers are all dudes. It’s a worthy idea and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
Into The Gloss
We’ve professed our love for founder Emily Weiss before. ITG offers a decidedly sophisticated, upscale look at beauty products and trends. But, what really sets this site apart is the conversation Weiss has created around beauty as a concept, and her exploration of the people who make the industry great.
Tales of Endearment
Natalie Joos’ blog filters the world through the unique lens of her own personal style, and the result is a completely unique take on fashion, its coolest insiders, and the world at large. Pretty pictures, inspiring people, great style, and stories you just have to click on? A girl after our own hearts.
Though it defines itself as a website for lesbian, queer, and bisexual women, we know plenty of straight chicks who experimented with Autostraddle in college — and they’re still regular readers today.
Elizabeth St.
A lot of mommy blogs can have a bit of a groan factor to them, but this one is proof that the beginning of motherhood does not mean the end of leading a stylish, interesting life. Quite the opposite, in fact!
Beauty Counter
If you’re like us, you like to know just what is in your favorite products — and sometimes, the truth can be scary. Though it’s actually an online shop rather than a content site, Beauty Counter is an excellent resource for women looking for safer products that don’t skimp on results.
Style Bubble
Susie Bubble is one of the first, and probably the most successful, independent style bloggers to parlay her personal style into a seriously respectable journalistic gig. It’s no surprise to see her sitting next to the big names of print magazines at fashion week, and that influential perspective is reflected in her nevertheless off-kilter and addictive writing.
Gawker’s sci-fi, future-fetish offshoot is by no means a website for women alone. But, it is run by kick-ass EIC Annalee Newitz, and the writers address sci-fi from a feminist standpoint quite regularly. For better or worse, it’s also one of the few online sci-fi communities that isn’t often openly hostile to female nerds, gamers, and the like.
Stone Fox Bride
If you’re the type of girl who loves daydreaming about a perfect wedding, but rolls her eyes at yet another lame, bland bridal site, this is the answer to your prayers. Stone Fox’s look at weddings is always personal and thoroughly alternative, ditching mainstream wedding fare for a captivating vision that feels much more unique.
Design Milk
For those with a serious interior design obsession, this site is a must-read. Founded by Jaime Derringer, it takes all the unique, quirky, cutting-edge sensibility that we look for in a fashion site and applies it to the rest of the design world.
A Cup of Jo
A personal favorite of ours, as Joanna Goddard seems to regularly read our minds with her posts on everything from hair inspiration to NYC’s best bike routes.
The New Potato
While a website full of amazing recipes certainly doesn’t need to be exclusive to women, this one makes the list because it’s just so good. Plus, it’s run by power duo (and sisters!) Danielle and Laura Kosann — definitely two of our own personal inspiration idols. Like many of the sites on here, what makes The New Potato good is its personal and highly specialized approach to the subject matter.
Well and Good NYC
Don’t let the “NYC” throw you off — this site has lots of great fitness inspiration for women around the country. Well and Good has the earnest, cultured taste of Goop with a real-girl attitude we love. Whether you’re crushing on your trainer or wondering about the latest beauty miracle/superfood combo, there’s plenty of content to fill up your feed on this site!
Okay, alright, it’s not a website per se. But theSkimm’s daily e-mail service is a lifesaver. There are plenty of great sites that offer in-depth looks at current events, but theSkimm says it all in the time it takes you to wait for the subway in the morning.
Feminist Frequency
Serving up both content and events around the world, this site puts a feminist lens on the world that always feels fair, interesting, and even academic, without being overly combative.
Elle UK
We definitely recommend perusing the digital British versions of all your favorite American glossies, but Elle UK is the one that consistently keeps us on our toes with insider news and some truly excellent shopping finds from around the web. Plus, you can get a peek into the cover features you’re missing while enjoying life on this side of the pond.
LadyBits is a whip-smart look at technology, among other things, that’s never afraid to be a strong and authoritative voice for women with even a passing interest in STEM fields. Whether they’re rounding up the silliest “women’s products” or schooling you in the realities of the tech industry, this site is eye-opening.
This isn’t explicitly for women only, but in Flavorwire’s immensely cool cultural round-ups (hello, best sci-fi books of all time), the writers tackle women’s issues with a finesse and knowledge that only those with 360-degree vision can undertake. Some of our favorites include A Brief Survey Of Sexually Autonomous Women On Film and 10 Radical Art Projects That Celebrate Women’s Bodies.
Bust is the OG source for both queer and straight women’s news and opinion. We come here for news of all kinds, but also for a perspective on womanhood that has evolved through years of good work. Bust commands the respect and authority of a much more mainstream newspaper, without ever losing its edge.
Levo League
Similar to LinkedIn, with an injection of serious style, Levo League is an amazing resource for women who, when faced with a glass ceiling, take out a hammer and get ready to do some serious cracking. You already know you’re working hard enough to deserve recognition, this is the site that can help you get it.
The Cut
Another obvious choice, if only because the folks at New York magazine’s fashion site have paved the road for online fashion media in many ways. The site features the latest news, plus some of the most in-depth, well-curated slideshows around.
The Toast
We had to pull from the site’s own description of itself, because we just couldn’t say it better: “The Toast is one of those mass-market science fiction paperbacks some used bookstores put out on the street..the kind with drawings of women in long white robes standing in front of a horizon with two or three moons on the cover.”
The Frisky
From guilty pleasures to downright hilarious posts, this funny, relevant, and pop culture-heavy site is good for a consistently side-splitting laugh.
The Vagenda
This site is hilarious. It’s a lot like Jezebel, but there’s still a unique voice that lends a critical eye and a heavy dose of snark to all the things that typically get lumped into the “women’s” category. Crass, bold, and unapologetic, this site might not be for everyone, but those same qualities are the reason it deserves a spot on our list.
No More Dirty Looks
With a firm focus on health, fitness, and beauty, this site brings you the deep cuts you might not get elsewhere — everything from Meatless Mondays to honest product reviews and copy-worthy beauty routines, plus tons of obscure brand names you’re bound to cozy up to.
Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls
Suicide Girls
Rated R

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