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They Said What?

Beautiful Birds You Will Seldom See
No there’s nothing funny here I’d just thought girls would like to see them.

I’m Perfectly Comfortable…Thank you for asking.

It Wasn’t Me

The Dachshund & Pink The Pig
So Cute I May Barf
This Dachshund is fostering this little guy for another mom who couldn’t take care of him.
He had his eyes closed, but now they are open. He is just a little bigger than her other pups.

She loves this little guy as much as the other puppies and she is nursing him back to health.

He is the cleanest pig-puppy ever, because she licks him all the time!


White Tigers
When hurricane Hannah separated two white tigers from their mother, Anjana came to the rescue. Anjana, a chimp at a zoo in South Carolina, became surrogate mom and playmate to the cubs, even helping with bottle feeding, according to The Sun. But here’s the truly amazing part: This is something Anjana does all the time, having helped raised leopard and lion cubs on several occasions.

Mystery Of The Rain Barrel…Solved
A couple living in Colorado Springs wondered why their rain water barrel was almost empty every day. They set up some cameras and look what they caught on film.

Panda Therapy

Perfectly Times Animal Shots

You Were Nice To Them Right?
You Were Nice To Them Right

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